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2-3 year olds (Toddlers)
Early development in gymnastics will begin with the assistance of our coaches. Becoming comfortable with the gym environment and working with instructors while still maintaining the comfort of having their teachers there to help them learn while maintaining safe play through a movement education experience. With tots liking to explore and learn how to do things on their own yet having that comfort of their teachers, we assist in guiding your child to a fun safe experience while learning the basic building blocks on a very fundamental level of development.

Kinder Bee4-5 year olds (Pre-School)
Our pre-school and kindergarten students are able to handle a little more guidance. Children will be instructed by a coach at varying beginning levels. Our classes will vary from Movement Education themes to learning beginning level (1-3) Junior Olympic Routines designed by USA Gymnastics. In the beginning of the season we offer more movement themes and as the year progresses we commence to develop their skills into their Junior Olympic Routines so by the end of the year they can have a fun meet for their family. The older children we prepare physically and mentally for the upcoming 6-8 year old Busy Bee's class. At this level they will begin to enter our Level 1-10 system and they can earn their level 1-3 certificates as they become ready. It is an exciting way as a child, athlete and parent to track their development and growth in the sport whether it is for future advancement or recreational purposes.

Ages 6 and up (School Age)
Now that all the hard work has been completed in learning the foundation of comfort with the sport of gymnastics, the building blocks in the basics this is a great opportunity to put all those pieces together. This age group will build on what they have learned and create fun routines in the Junior Olympics program. There are no pre-requisites for this class for beginning kids will be taught at their level. Children that have come from the Kinder Bee's Program (Ages 4-5's) may enter more advanced then a child just entering but all Children are taught at their own level of competency. Safety is number #1 at BGA.
The children will learn not only great developmental skills but they will also learn routines to put all those skills to good use. Typically at the end of the year we have a fun meet for family to come watch. Children in this age group typically will earn their Level 1-6 certificates. (Level 5 & 6 would be considered very advanced for this age group if the achieve that level.)

If you need any of our programs explained, please contact us.