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2-3 year old Toddlers (Tumble Bee's)
Early development with the assistance of the parents is key to the success of any child. Becoming comfortable with the gym environment and working with instructors while still maintaining the comfort of having their parent there to help them learn while maintaining safe play through a movement education experience. With tots liking to explore and learn how to do things on their own but yet having that comfort of their parent we assist the parents in guiding your child to a fun safe experience in the gym while learning the basic building blocks on a very fundamental level of development.

Kinder Bee4-5 year old Kindergartners (Kinder Bee's) (Level 1-3's)
Our Kinder Bee's are able to handle a little more guidance. This class is not a parent tot class. Children will be instructed by an instructor at varying beginning levels. Our classes will vary from Movement Education themes to learning beginning level (1-3) Junior Olympic Routines designed by USA Gymnastics. In the beginning of the season we offer more movement themes and as the year progresses we commence to develop their skills into their Junior Olympic Routines so by the end of the year they can have a fun meet for their family. The older children we prepare physically and mentally for the upcoming 6-8 year old Busy Bee's class. At this level they will begin to enter our Level 1-10 system and they can earn their level 1-3 certificates as they become ready. It is an exciting way as a child, athlete and parent to track their development and growth in the sport whether it is for future advancement or recreational purposes.

6-8 year old School Age (Busy Bee's) (Level 1-6's)
Now that all the hard work has been completed in learning the foundation of comfort with the sport of gymnastics, the building blocks in the basics this is a great opportunity to put all those pieces together. This age group will build on what they have learned and create fun routines in the Junior Olympics program. There are no pre-requisites for this class for beginning kids will be taught at their level. Children that have come from the Kinder Bee's Program (Ages 4-5's) may enter more advanced then a child just entering but all Children are taught at their own level of competency. Safety is number #1 at BGA.

The children will learn not only great developmental skills but they will also learn routines to put all those skills to good use. Typically at the end of the year we have a fun meet for family to come watch. Children in this age group typically will earn their Level 1-6 certificates. (Level 5 & 6 would be considered very advanced for this age group if the achieve that level.)

The Elite Team9-18 year old Junior High & High School (Anti Gravity Bee's) (Level 1-10's)
Any child can enter this class at a beginning level to start learning amazing flipping routines. They will need to complete the first 4 levels before they will be allowed to flip because Level 1-4 develop and prepare them to do amazing things. Typically this age group learns these 4 levels rapidly and can progress safely into level 5-10 which are flipping levels. You will also see students and teenagers who are developing more advanced skills in these classes but all are welcome.

(This age group will typically achieve level 1-10 levels in the recreational program. Level 5 & up being advanced.)

*Level 5 and up is equivalent to a Black Belt in ability!

18 and up to any age adult (Elite Belly Buster Bee's) (Level 1-10 & Elite)
This program is a guided class where beginner adults through advanced athletes come in and are guided through their workout. More advanced athletes will have their own workouts established but beginning adults will be taught not only the basics in safety but all the developmental skills and routines to aid in their workouts and teach them safe practices for trampolining. This is a really fun way to not only stay in shape but also maintain great health and build amazing friendships that will last forever!

**At the bottom of every bounce you reach 2 to 5 times your body weight in gravity. This is an amazing thing that aides in pumping your lymphatic system. It has been reported that trampolining greatly not only prevents osteoporosis, anti-aging but also keeps the body cleaned out and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

***Drinking plenty of good clean water is key to success in your health and energy levels.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Open Gyms: During School seasons will be offered for 6 and up on Friday evenings. See schedule for times. If Student is younger than 6 years old they may be allowed to attend open gym, if Bee Elite Gymnastics deems it is safe to do so. Any child that is under 6 years old must have their parent within 3 feet of their person at all times at open gym. With the younger children if you are not next to them the entire time you may be asked to leave with no refund.

CompetitionJunior Olympic Competitive Team
Levels 1-10 and also Elite levels:

Currently this is for ages 5 through College Age.

This program is for those who want to participate in gymnastics as a sport of their choice.

Petite Elites Levels 1 - 4 (Ages 4 - 7)
Training Team Levels 4 - 7 (Ages 5 - 10)
Junior Team Levels 5 - 7 (Ages 6 - 18)
Advanced Team Levels 8 - Elite (Ages 9 - College Ages/Adult-18+)

In the Junior Olympics and Elite athletes they travel to various meets throughout the year. This is a USA Gymnastics Member Club so our athletes have a year round schedule for training which includes in-season September through May (Nationals is typically in June or July) and summer training June through August.

Summer times are more flexible and as we move towards our competitive season our schedule picks up in pace.

If you need any of our programs explained, please contact us.